Underrated Fall Decoration Ideas

Every time fall comes around, I like to drive by local neighborhoods to browse the different decorations people up. I’m not huge on putting up my own holiday decor, though I am a big fan of seasonal decorations. For me, seasonal decorations can span across more months than a holiday while also being subtle enough to not seem over the top to your neighbors. (And if you’re unaware, you’re probably “one of those neighbors” if you have at least 10 cardboard boxes full of fall decor!)

Of course, that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t go over the top with their holiday decorations. I’m just saying it’s not really what suits me. (But more power to you if it’s your thing!) Nonetheless, I enjoy gathering ideas from these little slow drive bys, and I inevitably remember something interesting or cute for the next year and incorporate it into my own decorations. Once I dig up old decor from my cardboard boxes in storage, I’m able to see what I want the theme to be year in and year out.

Because of this, I’ve decided to mention a few of my favorites that fit the fall seasonal theme without having to seem like it’s specifically for fall. Read on to check out a few of my favorites.

An old-fashioned scarecrow

I’m a fan of taking things back to the old days, and opting to put up a scarecrow in my yard is the epitome of old fashioned during the harvest season. Of course, scarecrows were actually used for their pest control properties, though I’m certain multiple scarecrows were needed for this and not just one in a lone field like you sometimes see. Still, the scarecrow once served a functional purpose and wasn’t merely decoration. To that, I feel like it’s nice to pay homage to a time long gone and honor fall for what it really is: the harvest season.


Now, cornstalks are somewhat popular in specific parts of the US simply because of their abundance (I’m looking at you, Midwest). So it may be easier to get your hands on some decent looking cornstalks depending on who you know and where you live. Nonetheless, cornstalks are a beautiful addition to a front yard full of seasonal decorations, and it fits well with any of the decorations that extreme fall theme-loving homeowners want to use. Just be certain to know the time frame of cornstalks that are dead. You’ll get around a month’s use out of them before they begin to sag, so putting them up near the beginning of October is about as perfect as you can get to last through fall.

Author: Alma Wells

Once had a dream of short selling cabbage on the black market. Spent a year promoting Mr. Potato Heads in Las Vegas, NV.

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