The Demand for molded Packaging is Outpacing Supply 

The molded packaging, especially molded fiber, is suffering from a big capacity shortage for a variety of reasons. This global product has become much more demanding, since this is now requiring you to have sustainable types of fiber packaging that’s molded causing this to skyrocket. Not just that, the recent manufacturing plants that are out there have not ben provided to handle those demands that are there. The conditions which are causing delays are starting to limit the access to the products. Some of the manufacturers are beginning to lessen supply, or they’re not taking customers, and that is definitely disrupting the growth of this. 

For a lot of time, this industry has become slower in expanding, or investing in newer types of manufacturing means of technology, which means that they oftentimes have failed to support the research, which is due to the competitive low-cost packaging which comes with this. Yet the natural fiber packaging products have been constantly growing, for far more than a decade. While there are some manufacturing improvements especially in machinery, and the gap in price between the molded and plastic products have been all but eliminated, the sourcing of this is becoming far more of an issue for customers abound. 

The R&D Slump 

The process of molding the natural fibers into the packaging is so simple that the variables within this are what make it challenging, which is why there is now a bunch of research in fiber engineering along with the manufacturing process in order to help with the demands being met. Some studies are needed on this type of manufacturing and the chemistry of this, in order to replace or supplement the wood-based fiber paper. A lot of the renewable pes of materials such as wheat straw, hemp, along with other fibers, are pretty many candidates for this. The industry for molded fiber does need to establish the parameters for technical design. The basic standards are needed, including ANSI and ASTM standards, in order to better understand the characteristics of the molded natural fiber products. 

Except for some requirements of customers, there are no engineering that exist right now. A lot of the major packaging universities out in the US have he capability today to make molded fiber samples for different kinds of studies that are done with these packaging materials, including corrugated paperboard and polystyrene, so it make sense that there are some issues with the R&D capabilities. 

HP Setting Examples 

But there is one recent advancement of the research put into this, and how it can affect the industry, and that’s through the HP company and their tooling. The molds or tooling are costly, and usually are a determinant of a molded fiber type of product, and since has been manufactured and designed the same manner for over 20 years.While HP had previously gotten involved with this industry, in the course of the corporate policies, including other printing and types, the company decided to try something new. They put the engineering team, and after an intensive study, created a new breakthrough type of tooling solution for the molds. 

This solution is proving to have specific impacts as well on the molded fiber industry, and the environment that is there too. This is something that definitely needs to be invested in, since it’s something that’s seeing some major advancements, and a lot of the machines capable of molded fiberboard definitely will want to look into the differences within the Western markets. Because minus some exceptions form manufacturers, it won’t be bettered if you’re not doing something to change this as well. 

Author: Alma Wells

Once had a dream of short selling cabbage on the black market. Spent a year promoting Mr. Potato Heads in Las Vegas, NV.

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