How to Pack and Ship Perfume

When you think of perfumes and fragrances, what is it that you picture? Perfume is still a growing business, and with ecommerce growing, customers are getting more and more luxury along with everyday perfume items online at a better price than ever before, making it a great experience for shipping and everything else. 

Perfumes vary based on how much oil there is, and how long it lasts. Some are perfumes, and different eau types, based on how much water there is mixed with the oil. But the thing with perfume is that there are delicate scents, but the scent usually isn’t what people worry about. 

Some are made of glass jars, or even plastic, and the perfumes tend to be a liquid in terms of a base, which makes it prone to spills and breakage. 

Add Extra Protection 

Most perfumes come in containers made of glass, which is good and all, but during shipping, you need to have extra padding to keep everything from moving around. Paper, different eco-friendly options such as kraft paper, and even bubble wrap is good. 

Wrap them Individually 

When you are shipping these try to make sure that every perfume is wrapped in a separate manner with the right padding for this, since it will offer proper cushioning. Make sure that they are separated too so they don’t fall into one another and break. 

Choose the right box 

Most carriers have leak-proof shipping containers, and you should definitely use this. The box for shipping should be slightly larger than the item that you’re shipping as well, and from there, you should make sure that you have some padding around to prevent it from movement. 

Choosing the correct shipping is very important. Too big, it breaks. Too small, not enough padding, so you should make sure that you choose a shipper that offers fragile items, or if you do it yourself, choose the correct means to get it done. You should try to make sure that you do this in a way where it’s not going to break over time too, and you should try to pre-package everything in one place. 

The Best Practices for Shipping Perfume 

When shipping this, you should definitely be mindful because there are different protocols for shipping this. 

For starters, you need to make sure you know the local laws that come with this. Perfumes with alcohol in them are considered an aerosol, which means that they must be shipped in the right containers. 

In the US, you’re only allowed to ship this with USPS ground, and in the UK, you can only ship a certain amount. 

You should make sure that you know this.  Another thing is that the US DOT does require proper certification and training before shipping out anything that’s considered a HazMat product. There are potential fines if you don’t follow the rules for this too. 

With shipping, you should make sure that you also offer order tracking. This is expensive, and it can definitely break if you’re not careful. Having proper shipping with this will prevent it from getting stolen or lost, and it also can prevent it from being taken care of poorly, sometimes being left in extreme heat or cold. 

You can get insurance too for this, which is recommended, since if you do this, you can get your money back, especially since perfumes tend to be more expensive and if they’re over 100 dollars. 

You should also factor the weight in too, since perfume is heavy. Do this beforehand before you choose a carrier for the perfumes that you have. 

Author: Alma Wells

Once had a dream of short selling cabbage on the black market. Spent a year promoting Mr. Potato Heads in Las Vegas, NV.

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